To make excellent and qualified sweetmeats whose main base is coffee and cocoa as flagships products of our country, highlighting the best of our home land , constantly innovating about mixtures, varieties and presentations that will satisfy the demanding taste related with the national and international market in typical and delicious sweetmeats.


To grow as a well-organized, solid and secured enterprise to conquer the national market and to launch projects to compete in the conquest of the external markets in a secure way, by taking into account fundamental pillars known as technological- innovation, research and the development all aspects of our industry and areas for customers, employees and partners of our company.


MAXTICAFE is a space full of flavors and traditional smells of our home land, full of human talent, colors, lots of energy and the joy which characterizes people in our coffee region. We give all of this to our customers where each of our products and varied units are impregnated to be tasted by our customers leaving a little of the passion of our enterprise in their hearts.

All acts speak louder than words.
That is why in MAXTICAFÉ.

  • Inspire confidence
  • We act as owners
  • We keep the simplicity
  • We are open and inclusive
  • We say things as they are
  • We lead with the head and the heart
  • We talk, we decide, we deliver.


In MAXTICAFE INDUSTRIES we know that we have a huge responsibility with our employees, customers, and suppliers. For that reason our commitment is to work honestly and transparency to produce excellent products.

QUALITY and GOOD SERVICE. We know we will achieve based on an impeccable TEAM WORK and a constant passion for the INNOVATION and to be up to date with food technology. As a fundamental basis, RESPECT for what we do, for the beliefs and differences that nourish us and strengthen our sense of BELONGING with the company.